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Handyman Profile :: Gary Smith

Gary Smith

HomeCare Maintenance

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Don’t Delay Home Repair Projects

Regular maintenance of your home saves you money and reduces accidents in the home. As the winter months move out and warmer air moves in there are some things around your home that need special attention. Handyman Matters recommends the following improvements be made to your home in order to keep it safe for the upcoming months.

Clean & Adjust Ceiling Fans

For maximum comfort, ceiling fans should blow down in the summer and up in the winter. Cool air feels good blowing on you but hot air is more comfortable if directed up and then down the walls. There’s a switch on the body of the fan or near the pull chain to reverse fan direction.

Change Smoke Detector & Carbon Monoxide Detector Batteries

Even if they test OK, play it safe by changing out the batteries before they die. This should be done at least once a year going into spring and summer to ensure everything works properly.

Inspect Chimney Cap & Masonry

The “cap” is the flat part at the very top of the chimney. Moisture and weather wear this down and can cause deterioration of the chimney itself. Once bricks start breaking loose it gets much more expensive to fix. The cap should be beveled so that rain flows off to the side not into the chimney. The professional craftsmen at Handyman Matters can help you ensure your chimney is in good working condition after a long winter of use.

Inspect Siding, Soffit & Fascia Boards

Soffit boards are the horizontal boards under the eaves and the fascia are the vertical boards the gutters are attached to. Cracks or separations can allow water penetration which can cause additional damage. Replace as needed and bevel to match nicely with the surrounding wood. Working on the exterior of your home can be tricky; call Handyman Matters today and let us handle your home maintenance needs.

Inspect Gutters, Clean and Re-Attach as necessary

Look for roofing nails or pieces of shingles in the gutters, which indicate the roof may need inspecting. Check for rusting on the bottom of the gutters and to make sure the gutter extensions discharge water at least 3’ away from the house. Also, check to make sure that you are not dumping water uphill. Water too close to the foundation can cause flooding and deterioration. Clean gutters and downspouts as clogged gutters cause water to back flow into your house.

Check roof for missing shingles, proper installation, and for gaps around pipes and corners

Shingles should extend ¾” past the roof decking and allow water to drip into the gutter. If yours have inadequate clearance, water will run down the fascia boards and cause rotting. To fix, either add a row of shingles around the roof or add aluminum flashing.

Home improvements and general maintenance are necessary to keep your biggest investment, your home, in good condition and can also help improve the value of your home. Can’t find time? No problem, Handyman Matters can complete all home maintenance and home improvement projects you may have on your to do list. Get started today!


  • Licensed Home Builder
  • Licensed Home Inspection Firm
  • Certified Remodeler
  • 203K Consulting Construction Firm
  • Coverage Area

    Adams ~ Copiah ~ Hinds ~ Madison ~ Rankin


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    Handyman Profile :: Gary Smith

    Gary Smith
    HomeCare Maintenance
    Mississippi Handyman
    120 North Perkins Street
    Ridgeland, MS 39157
    Phone 1: 601-691-1496
    Mobile: 601-691-1496
    FAX: 601-856-6103
    Company Facebook Page



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    Handyman Profile :: Gary Smith

    Energy Rated Homes of Mississippi and HomeCare provides handyman services throughout Central Mississippi.

    Call: 601.691.1496

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    Handyman Profile :: Gary Smith

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    Handyman Profile :: Gary Smith

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    Handyman Profile :: Gary Smith


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