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Home Inspector Profile :: Gary Monfeli


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ASHI Certified MemberGary MonfeliInspecting homes since 1998. Lead Instructor for The ASHI School of Home Inspection. We look forward to providing thorough home inspections in the Chicago and suburb areas. We provide services to both buyers and sellers. We also do mold and Radon testing.

The Home Inspection Man inspectors have many years of experience in the construction industry, over 100 hours of home inspection training, plus many hours of training on job sites. As part of a commitment to the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI.), The Home Inspection Man team strictly adheres to the Standards of Practice and the code of Ethics of ASHI.

Construction codes and standards change all the time. To be the best in the business, The Home Inspection Man stays on top by gaining at least 20 hours of home inspection education every year.

As a Illinois Home Inspector, we are here for you even after your home inspection! After you have your home inspected by The Home Inspection Man, you can call us anytime about any maintenance, repair or remodeling questions that you may have!

What Makes Us Different?

  • 12+ Years Of Experience
  • 90 Day American Home Warranty
  • Appointments 7 Days A Week
  • Credit Cards Accepted
  • Digital Photos
  • Extended Office Hours
  • Follow-Up Calls For Quality Control
  • Free Maintenance Book With Each Inspection
  • Free Brinks Security Inspection On Request
  • Free Phone Consultation About Your Home For As Long As You Own Your Home
  • Live People Answering The Phones
  • Nationally Certified By ASHI
  • On-Site Report With Agent Copy
  • Radon And Mold Testing
  • Reports Available For Download If Requested
  • 2 Reports With Each Inspection
  • Summary Of Critical Findings

Ask About Our 200% Money Back Guarantee and Realtor E&O Protection

Call The Home Inspection Man team now at 888-690-6903

We are an affiliate of Building Specs, Inc. of Stevensville, MD

*Note - We do not perform repairs nor are we affiliated with any company who does.


  • Lead instructor for The ASHI School of home inspection
  • Past president of The Northern Illinois Chapter of ASHI (NIC-ASHI)
  • Coverage Area




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    Home Inspector Profile :: Gary Monfeli

    Gary Monfeli
    The Home Inspection Man
    Illinois Home Inspector
    Plainfield, IL 60585
    Phone 1: 815-690-6903
    Phone 2: 888-690-6903
    Mobile: 815-690-6903
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    Home Inspector Profile :: Gary Monfeli


    Chicago Cook County Home Inspection Services

    Pre-Purchase Inspections
    New Construction Monitoring
    One-Year Warranty Inspections


    Pre-Purchase Inspections

    Buying a home? An inspection by The Home Inspection Man includes a thorough Illinois Home Inspection of the following components:

    Covers the structure of the building in terms of materials used and type of construction. Foundation type, framing materials, and other significant sub-components are noted along with any idiosyncrasies. The inspector/surveyor also checks for major or minor problems in the foundation, floor, wall and roof framing.

    The electrical system is checked for sufficient capacity and safety, and evaluated in terms of its current condition and suitability for future use. Upgrades and repairs are recommended where appropriate.

    Heating and Air Conditioning
    The inspector assesses the capacity of the existing equipment, and by considering the age of the equipment and its intended capacity, approximates the life expectancy and recommends appropriate repairs an upgrades.

    The piping and fixtures throughout the house are checked for function flow and life expectancies. They are screened for unsanitary conditions and potential repairs, freeze vulnerability, or spillage/overflow. Laundry equipment, tile work, and domestic water heating equipment are also surveyed.

    Basement/Crawl Space/Slab
    Water seepage probabilities and structural problems are evaluated and remediation advice given if needed. The inspector also looks for possible problem areas that could cause structural problems, such as poor soil, surface drainage, proximity to tree roots and rotating stoops.

    All appliances are operated and deficiencies noted. The inspector approximates the age of each piece and its life expectancy. The inspector may also, depending on the age and usefulness of the kitchen, suggest a budget for repairs ranging from addressing typical minor problems to a complete renovation.

    Walls, floors and ceiling surfaces are scanned for problematic conditions, visible evidence of water penetration, potentially dangerous or toxic materials, fire hazards, or security breaches. Ventilation and energy conservation aspects are checked and appropriate upgrades are itemized.

    The roof (where safe and appropriate), roof runoff controls and landscape drainage are inspected and necessary improvements are recommended. Stoops, steps, walks and drives are checked for voids, surface problems and safety hazards.

    New Construction Monitoring

    We currently offer the following construction phase inspections:

    • Foundation
    • Pre-Drywall (Rough plumbing, electrical, HVAC, & framing)
    • Pre-closing

    The Home Inspection Man encourages you to be in full communication with your builder while your home is being built. Our construction inspections detect and repair problems that would otherwise be difficult to identify once the house is done. We would be happy to arrange a meeting at your construction site to discuss our services.

    Many builders welcome us at job sites. Remember, they’re also working for you. The Home Inspection Man notes any deficiencies, which are transcribed and presented to you by the next business day. Deficiency reports can be e-mailed or faxed to you and the builder, if you prefer. We re-inspect the home to ensure deficiencies have been corrected.

    One-Year Warranty Inspections

    Call our office 10 to 11 months after you have been in your new home. We will prepare a list of outstanding deficiencies for you to review and handle with your builder prior to your warranty expiration.

    Residential Mold Inspection

    certified residential mold inspectorThe Home Inspection Man is also a Certified Residential Mold Inspector (#11420), having earned the title after completing the requirements of the Certified Residential Mold Program offered by the Indoor Environmental Standards Organization (IESO).


    Call The Home Inspection Man now! (888) 690-6903

    Services Offered

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    Home Inspector Profile :: Gary Monfeli

    Request Quote :: Gary Monfeli
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    Home Inspector Profile :: Gary Monfeli

    Gary Smith SafeHome Inspections Ridgeland, MS
    Gary is a friend and a fellow ASHI Inspector I trust!

    My Colleagues

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    Home Inspector Profile :: Gary Monfeli

    The following is a list of colleagues with whom I may have little more than a peripheral relationship. I strive to list competent ethical professionals. However, this listing should be construed as neither an endorsement nor a recommendation.

    Ken Compton Home Inspector Startup & Growth

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    Home Inspector Profile :: Gary Monfeli

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    Home Inspector Profile :: Gary Monfeli


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